Some of the best water fowl hunting in the West is along the lower section of the Columbia River as it nears the Pacific. This area is the inspiration for hunters who love to work as a team with their dogs and formed the
Lower Columbia HRC (LCHRC).

LCHRC is part of the national Hunting Retriever Club (HRC), which is affiliated with the United Kennel Club (UKC). Our activities are centered along the lower Columbia between the states of Washington and Oregon.

LCHRC activities are not limited to retriever breeds — all dogs capable of doing the work are welcome. LCHRC members own and handle a diverse group of talented dogs.

As a club, we support our members and their dogs with
structured training days and by hosting hunt tests. Explore our web pages to find information about our events and the HRC. Share our passion of training, testing, and hunting with our dogs. Join us for an event, join our club, and enjoy working and playing with friendly people and great dogs.